Supplier Code Of Conduct Policy for CTPAT

Supplier Code Of Conduct

Supplier should be regarded as an integral element of security like any other employees of the factory. He must also be made aware of the importance and implications of security matters. He should remain oriented with all the security requirements of the facility. The Supplier must be briefed in details regarding the security requirements, when he is appointed in his given capacity.

  1. The Supplier must function in accordance to the given terms and conditions of his contract.
  2. He must abide by all the security related obligations expected out of him.
  3. He must produce ID at the main gate whenever he enters the facility.
  4. He must maintain personal files of his employees who are required to enter the factory facility.
  5. He must not employ anyone who has criminal record.
  6. He must inform any breach or violations committed by him.
  7. Whenever a contractor observes anything suspicious, he must report the same to the factory management.
  8. If any of his employees who work in the same facility remains absent, he must bring it to the notice of the management.
  9. He must educate his employees who are required to enter the facility on the Security aspects of the facility.
  10. Whenever he dismisses any of his employees concerned with the factory, he must report the same to the management.
  11. He must respect all aspects of CTPAT, explained to him during signing of his contract.
  12. His actions will be reviewed after every six months.
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