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Background Check Procedure For Supplier Employees

Supply chin security outline a great impasse on personal security. Theses security system start with background check of interested to be heard for services until he/she resign or is terminated form service these also in cloud his here training on security awareness. Process must be in place to screen prospective employees and periodical checking of servicing employee. Factory recruits two types of employees:

General employee: Sewing section, cutting section, MTS and others.

Sensitive area employee: finishing and packing store shipping IT, HR & security.

Prior to hiring management designated personal conduct background check for each employee.

  1. Check the personal ID and birth certificate: Before appointment authorized management check the original national ID (with photo identification) and birth certificate and keep photocopy in the personal file of the candidate.
  • Past employment record verification is checked: Authorized management verification past employment record by receiving previous company’s service book form candidate.
  •  Past employment reference is checked: Form candidate other source HR collect previous companies’ management name and contact no. over phone authorized management contact the reference check.
  • Candidate personal reference is checked: candidate provides       his/her reference man address, relation with employee contact no, collect information form the reference.
  •  Educational record check: Authorized management check original educational certificate and retain the photocopy in the file
  •  Financial record check: (if any)

During background check, if recovered any employee involved in criminal activities. Management doesn’t recruit that particular employee.

Finally, factory send employee list with detailed address to the nearest police station. For individual background verification, sensitive are background checking are strongly maintained.

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