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Selection Of Business Partner Policy

Security of the factory premises is very important. All measures must be undertaken to ensure the safety and security of the factory area. To negate any physical threat from an external source, care must be taken that no dangerous person enters the factory facility. Background checks of the persons who have access to the factory facility are very important. There is a common practice that all employees’ and workers’ background check is done properly but the contractor’s background check is overlooked. While selecting a contractor his background antecedents are not properly verified. While selecting a contractor following will be strictly adhered to. The contractor must be interviewed properly for a behavior assessment. Below criteria’s must have to follow in selection of business partner.

  1. The contractor has been a citizen of this country.
  2. Must possess a trade license.
  3. He must have a sound moral character. 
  4. Person with a criminal record must be given a contract. 
  5. He should have some level of education. 
  6. He must produce a certificate from the local elected representative in favor of his character and antecedent. 
  7. A person whose reputation in the area is not good should not be given a contract. 
  8. Anybody whose contract was cancelled by the factory earlier for any reason should not be given a contract. 
  9. A photograph of the contractor must be displayed at the main gate. After a person is given a contract, a file must be opened in his favor.
  10. The contractor must be issued an ID from the factory.
  11. This will have a different colour shade from the ID of another employee.
  12. The contractor’s ID must be taken back after his contract with the factory ends. 
  13. The contractor’s corporate policy and procedure must be reviewed before selection.Contractor’s financial stability especially his bank solvency has to be reviewed.
  14. His accounts balance sheet and bank statement have to be reviewed.

Fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria, he may be considered as a contractor/ supplier of the company.

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