Access control policy template | Download

Access control policy template | Download

ABC Company limited is very much concern about our facility security, Focus on prevention of unauthorized access to the factory premises for approaching ahead to the shipping, loading/unloading, packing, IT section, Bolt seal and finished goods keeping areas etc. Implement controls on identification of all employees, visitors, labour, Driver & vendors. It also includes procedures for challenging unauthorized/unidentified Man and Materials carried by any type of vehicles. Our physical access control policy are as below,

General Guidelines:

  1. An identification system is to be adopted to control the entry and movement of persons inside the premises. This system shall include all people’s transactions of business at the Factory. Everyone is required to identify himself before entry.
  2. All personnel entering/exiting the factory shall be accorded due respect and courtesy.
  3. All personnel are expected to remain in their designated work areas and shall help prevent movement of unauthorized personnel in restricted areas.
  4. Entry and exit of outsiders shall be controlled by the security force and co-ordination with the responsible employees. Their movement and activities while inside the premises shall be controlled and monitored by the designated assigned/employees.
  5. The parking area of the facility is for visitor/vendors and employee, those vehicles subjected to be search by checking device. A designated place/room available in the factory for outside driver
  6. The lock and key control system has to be adopted to secure critical operations and restricted rooms/areas. Access shall require prior permission and entry procedure to entry.
  7. Facility strictly maintains access control program by the responsible security in charge. Access card and key issue and return record kept in the register. Monthly inventory record for key control and access card are properly maintained in the factory.
  8. Taking of any photograph inside the premises shall be discouraged.
  9. All restricted areas (shipping, loading/unloading, packing, IT section, Bolt seal and finished goods keeping area) shall be identified and provided with guard /assigned employee. Respective area designated person is to ensure & only authorized personnel are allowed entry in this restricted area.
  10. Hand carried luggage/bag etc. of the visitors & vendors are subjected to under search.
  11. All person/visitors are strongly encouraged to leave the premises after their official time.
  12. Searching of all outgoing personnel and their luggage, tools, materials and equipment shall be affected with duly approved gate pass.
  13. The main gate shall be Control Room of Security Guard. Entry and Exit shall be monitored by CCTV and controlled accordingly. The appropriate visitor’s identification tags and passes shall be issued from the Main gate after being registration and necessary searching is completed.
  14. Human Resource Department shall be informing the main gate for any hiring, promotion, resignation and all kinds of termination at the factory.

To ensure the access control policy & procedure factory management shall conduct periodic internal audit, Security assessment in the factory. The assessment should cover information access control, IT access control, physical access control, shipment information control and commercial & storage documents access control of the factory.

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