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Physical Security Policy

Physical security is the taking of necessary measures to prevent any incidents threatening safety from happening inside the factory and in certain areas of the factory. The following subjects are involved in physical security:

Fencing/ Perimeter Security:

Factory perimeter security should be ensured through a proper boundary wall. Restricted movement should be arranged in the warehouse area by constructing the necessary fences. Periodic monitoring of the boundary wall should be arranged to ensure perimeter security.

Gate and Gate House:

All gates through which workers, visitors, vendors or vehicles enter must be guarded at all times. Workers, visitors, vendors or vehicles should be allowed to enter only through specific gates.


No visitor, vendor and contractor vehicles shall be parked in the parking lot of tractors, covered vans, trucks etc.

Factory building:

It is important that factory buildings are fortified so that no one can enter the factory illegally and easily. Arrangements should be made to observe the factory building at regular intervals and necessary repairs should be made.

Lock and key control:

All the doors and windows of the factory should be closed and locked during the factory closure and the keys should be handed over to the administration or the designated person of the factory. The key must always be kept in the box during factory operation.

Lighting System:

Adequate lighting should be provided inside and outside the factory at various places such as the warehouse, loading-unloading area, boundary wall and parking area to prevent any kind of illegal entry.

Alarm system and video surveillance cameras:

CCTV cameras should be installed at important places outside and inside the factory and an alarm system should be activated.

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