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Policy & Procedure on Access Control In Sensitive Area

We, “ABC Company Ltd” are very much focused on ensuring supplier chain security along with factory premises security. The Listed below Area is a designated Restricted Area, so all possible care has to be undertaken to ensure that this area remains totally segregated from other places and is not accessible by anyone who is not authorized. Security-prone areas are sensitive zones of a factory. Strict vigilance must be exercised to ensure that, security is not compromised in the area. Restriction of entry, access formalities, selected workforce and a number of criteria remain in force to provide maximum security to this area. A designated person will ensure the security of this area. In addition, some maintained persons of privilege are allowed inside those areas:

    • Emergency Exit Area.Parking Area.Loading Area.Finishing Area.Packing Area.Stuffing/ Finished Carton Area.Commercial & Documents area.Cargo Handling & Storage Areas.Bolt seal storage area.Shipping/ Receiving areas where import documents are kept.IT servers.
    • Yards and storage areas for Instruments of International Traffic (IIT) areas where IIT are kept/ inspected.
    • Entry/ Exit Area.


  • The container storage area will be predestined.
  • The area must be well protected.
  • Sentries must be posted there.
  • It must be well marked as a “Restricted Area”.
  • Any vehicle entering or leaving this zone must be surveilled properly.
  • Only the designated drivers are to be allowed to bring out the vehicle.
  • No kind of cargo or any form of packet is allowed by the driver to be taken inside the area.
  • When the container will wait in the container waiting Area it must be in a locked condition with lock.
  • Cargo trucks detailed for transportation of merchandize from the factory to the port may be parked in cargo storage areas.
  • All other security aspects mentioned above will be applicable to this area also.
  • This area has to be included in the patrol plan.

Security Measure:

  • Persons working in these areas are to put different shaded IDs. In case it is not possible, then they must wear a different colour apron to differentiate them from other workers.
  • Photographs of the people working there must be displayed outside.
  • Restricted area board will be displayed outside.
  • A security guard will be posted outside the room to monitor the entry/exit.
  • Whenever any authorized person of privilege enters, his name, time of entry, and signature have to be obtained in a register.
  • Entry of any unauthorized person is strictly forbidden.
  • The list with photos of authorized employees in the sensitive area is reviewed & updated immediately (within one day) by the factory management.
  • Regularly conduct inspections to check boundary parameters/wall, damage of building construction, security sensitive areas- fence, door, window, glass, security devices and record those monthly in a log book.
  • Locking devices of sensitive areas must be under inspection on a regular basis and recorded in a log book.

Privilege Persons List:  Persons of privilege may be allowed in if authorized by the authority. The person of privilege will include:

  • Factory Director/ General Manager/DGM/.
  • Factory Manager.
  • Production GM/ Manager.
  • Compliance Manager/ Officer.
  • Admin/HR Manager/ Officer.
  • Security In charge.

The Persons mentioned above will also ensure that they endorse the concerned register while entering and exiting the security prone zones.

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