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Security of the factory is of utmost importance. Every step about security must be undertaken to ensure that the factory remains free of any security hazards. A comprehensive plan comprising foolproof measures will help the management to maintain security. Our Security procedure are as below,

Physical Security: Physical security entails creating physical barriers to counter any unwanted access within the factory premises. It comprises the adoption of several measures to deny entry of any tress passers inside the factory. The following measures will contribute to the achievement of the same.

Perimeter Wall: The factory security wall will have sufficient height so that it cannot be scaled from the outside. It will be ensured that no trees are grown alongside the wall which may help the tress passer to climb and cross over the wall. The wall must be kept under continuous observation and inspection.

Fencing: In places where the wall is not erected, barbed wire fencing will be erected to secure the facility. In places where there are concrete walls, barbed wire fencing will be erected on the wall to ensure enhanced security. 

Patrolling by the security guards: The security guards will carry out patrolling as per the patrol plan. Patrolling will be carried out at staggered times. Patrolling will cover the outer perimeter wall/ fencing of the factory and other areas as specified in the patrol plan.

Entry/Exit points guarded: All entry and exit points will remain physically guarded by the security guards. Anyone entering the facility must follow all the given-out procedures and will be ensured by the security guard on duty. 

24-hour physical guard of the premises: Security guards will remain on 24-hour duty at the specified places. The guards will be periodically checked on a surprise basis to ensure that they are performing their duties as per the given requirements. A separate guard’s duty roster will be maintained in the factory.

Monitoring of the Sensitive Area by CCTV: Security-sensitive areas like the main gate, loading unloading area and the finishing/packing areas will be under continuous surveillance by the CCTV cameras. The camera recording will be retained for a period of 45 days.

Illumination of the Sensitive Areas at Night: The factory perimeter wall must remain properly illuminated during the time of darkness. The lights must be checked daily. Fuse lights must be replaced with the new ones.

Visitor Control: All visitors must be physically checked before entry with Photo ID verification. Visitors will be issued with passes before entry. Particulars/belongings of the visitors will be checked and noted during entry. Visitors will be escorted inside the factory up to the point where any other factory member takes over.

Vehicle Control: All vehicles entering the factory will be thoroughly checked. The particular of the vehicle will be recorded in a register. To improve and develop facility security conditions the management conducts security assessment and reviews the existing policy & procedure with a coordination meeting.

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